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You know you're working with someone special when they take your idea and advance it beyond what you could have ever imagined. That's someone with vision. Jodee is such a person. Working with her reshapes your understanding of what a website designer is and what she can do.


What took me close to a year to finish took Jodee less than a day. She  took my website from "mom-n-pop shop" to "World Class".


If you want to present your personal website or your company's website professionally, don't try to do it yourself or find a random professional. Partner with Jodee:

* efficient

* readily available

* clear communicator

* easy to work with


My website used to shuffle along; now it swaggers!

- Dan Franch, English Coach, Copywriter, Editor


"I would like to share with you what tremendous progress has been made in my business over the last week. We started working with Jodee a week ago to find my new clients who could be most helped by my business program. Jodee has a special technique, Persona Canvas & Analysis, that I think is essential to the life of a service business. I see much more clearly who I am talking to, how to build my content marketing, how to develop my business, how I can become even more professional for those who turn to me. We made the necessary changes and it brought more reactions at social media in the first week than it usually happened in 1 month. I wholeheartedly recommend that you take this opportunity because working with Jodee adds a lot to both our personality and our business. A real mentoring takes place where Jodee really helps with her step-by-step supportive medium. I was deeply touched by the commitment and expertise she brings with her. Thank you @Jodee!"

- Eszter Mak, CEO Focus Training and Yoga

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"I've recently done an interview with UXSCOOPS and absolutely loved it. I needed more reach as I am an author about to release the first book in a trilogy, and couldn't be happier with the questions they asked. They were in-depth, creative, and truly made me think. Thank you so much for the interview, that has spread the word of my  trilogy!"

- Jennifer Reinfried, Author

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CARe Academy logo 1500 x 500.jpg

"Working with UXSCOOPS for our CARe Academy website was nothing short of miraculous.  The team asked just the right questions to capture the essence of the CARe Methodology, launch and created an entire strategy around that. Jodee's expertise focused on conveying my message effectively to attract our ideal governmental and organisational clients.  I came out of my meetings with a complete launch plan, dates, posts, content topics and knowing how to build excitement for our International CARe Network of ambassadors in 15 different countries. Brilliant and worth it!"

- Dr. Jean Pierre Wilken, President of The CARe Network

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Nihao Hello Languages

Focus EMpower Yoga

Mak Eszter Method YOGA

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SilverHare App

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Deelish Recipes

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Dan Franch English Coaching

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