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  1. Page/channel evaluation: The process of analyzing a social media page or channel to identify areas for improvement, including content, engagement, and performance.

  2. Content creation: The creation of original, high-quality content such as posts, images, and videos for use on social media platforms. (N.B. For videos: This refers to a video that has been created by editing and trimming the original footage provided by the client. The video editor would have taken the raw footage and cut it down to the desired length, removing any unwanted or unnecessary parts of the video. This process could also include adding effects, transitions, and music to enhance the overall production quality of the video. Once the video has been edited and trimmed to the client's specifications, it can then be delivered as a final product for use in various applications such as marketing, social media, or personal use.)

  3. Schedule posts: The process of planning and scheduling social media posts in advance, to ensure a consistent and regular flow of content on your social media channels.

  4. Engagement with followers: The active interaction with followers on social media platforms to maintain a strong and positive relationship with them, and increase engagement and loyalty.

  5. Action plan: A strategic plan that outlines goals, objectives, and tactics to achieve long-term growth and success on social media.

  6. Number of platforms: The social media platforms on which a brand or individual is active or would like to be active.

  7. Management duration (days): The length of time for which social media management services will be provided, which can vary depending on the needs of the client.

  8. Delivery time: The time it takes for the social media management service to be delivered, including the completion of tasks such as content creation and scheduling, engagement with followers, and reporting.

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