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One of the great advantages of wire-framing is that it provides an early visual that can be used to review with the client.

Early feedback mechanism

Users can also review it as an early feedback mechanism for prototype usability tests. Not only are wireframes easier to amend than concept designs, once approved by the client and the users they provide confidence to the designer.

From a practical perspective, the wireframes ensure the page content and functionality are positioned correctly based on user and business needs.

And as the project moves forward they can be used as a good dialogue between members of the project team to agree on the project vision and scope.

We have prototyping experience using Figma or Sketch for Citizen Platform, Apps, Websites, various Hackathon projects in Sustainability fields. Please contact us to see our most up-to-date capabilities and portfolio

Social Media Brand Personality : Instagram

Thematic,​ and branding with a similar look across all your Instagram posts ties each unique piece of your content together.  We help you apply themes to boost engagement among your existing followers and even charm potential followers who have stumbled across your profile. Basically helping you to having your own Instagram theme increases the chances people will hit that blue “Follow” button!   An Instagram theme also helps you convey your brand personality and effortlessly raise brand awareness.

Reach out for wireframe consultation 

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