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UXscoops | Typography Basics
UXscoops | Typography social media marketing campaign
  • Baseline: The line where the letters sit.

  • Cap height: The distance from the baseline to the top of the capital letter.

  • X-height: Located in between the baseline and the cap height, it's the height of the body of the lowercase letter. 

  • Bowl: The curved part of the character that encloses the circular or curved parts of some letters, like 'd,' 'b,' 'o,' 'D,' and 'B.' 

  • Serif: The slight projection finishing off a stroke of a letter in certain typefaces. 

  • Descender: The longest point on a letter that falls beyond the baseline.

  • Kerning: the modification of the space between two letters.

  • Leading: the distance between the baselines


UXscoops | Typography social media marketing campaign

1. Baseline

2. Cap height

3. X-height

4. Bowl

5. Serif

6. Descender

7. Kerning

8. Leading

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