Pinterest Visual Discovery

Pinterest Visual Discovery


PINTEREST is a Visual Discovery tool. We help you to setup with relevant pin boards. Includes profile page, description crafting, initial setup of 10 (ten) Pins for one week.


Pinterest is a visual discovery engine with 100 billion ideas saved by 150 million people around the world. The recently launched three new ways to discover more ideas on Pinterest and from the world around you with Lens BETA, Shop the Look and Instant Ideas are great for you to be discovered as well!

Tell us what you want to do with your Pinterest?

  • Get more traffic
  • Make more sales
  • Collect market intelligence which helps with future content & product development
  • Raise your brand profile
  • Develop a community (of loyal fans and your personal brand advocates)


We can help you to kickstart and start engaging!


    • Pins in Pinterest are great online visual tools to inspire and help people discover your company's products, services or brands.
    • Getting them added to a board or boards helps you to market your product/service.
    • Behind-the-scenes of your film/company and personality of your company can be shown and gives you an added exposure.
    • Repinning is a strategy for Models, Filmmakers, Writers, Fashion bloggers, Hairstylists, Stylist, Designers, Dancers, Chefs, Artists, Creative Professionals, Photographers as well as Restaurants/Bistros/Cafes to get free online publicity
    • A Repin helps you to feature your personal branding name, stage name and gives your profile an instant exposure.
    • It helps you and others quickly share that Pin with all of your followers (fans).
    • Online community building.