Authors Book Gallery

Authors Book Gallery


We offer to create an online gallery for you featuring up to 9 of your artworks. We can insert a price tag and description to each book cover artwork.


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  • Success Story / Testimonials:

    A GRIM TRILOGY has reached 9,000+ organic impressions on her social media digitalmarketing campaign for her Interview as an aspiring Book Author

    "I really had a fun time with this interview!"Jennifer Reinfried


    THE AUTHOR has reached 13,500+ organic impressions on his Book Launch Campaign for his debut novel  The Author – The Characters’ Short Living Story 

    "... the questions are marvellous, deep and free." Facundo Raganato


  • Educational Technology

    LEARN BY DOING App (on both iOS and Android) has a reach of more than 18,000. It is a language immersion and gamification app specially for teachers to launch effective ESL classroom games. A smart language learning tool especially designed for bilingual and multilingual learners in Spanish, French and English.