Artists Talent/Content Digitalmarketing

Artists Talent/Content Digitalmarketing


For Artists, Designers, Illustrators, Animation Artists, Photographers, Gallery owners, Stylists, Editors, Singer-songwriters, Actors, Actresses, Comedians, Voice-over artists, Musicians, Dancers, Models, Performance Arts professional, Coaches and Training Instructors


We will conduct an interview with you. 4-5 personalised questions in written version will be sent to you. You may include your best professional photos and include all your social media links.


This is an effective way to humanise your online brand presence by a personal interview conducted with you.


This interview will be shared with creative enthusiasts in creative industries.


We welcome

1. Fashion Game Apps

2. Language Apps

3. Special Skills Training and Development Apps

4. Health and Fitness smart apps

5. Location specific talent/solutions providers e.g. Indonesia, Budapest, Singapore, Prague, Italy, London

6. Art & Craft, hobbies bloggers, vloggers

7. Books authors (various genre)

8. High quality photography. 

9. Home styling and Interior Design, Architect

8. New and unique small medium enterprises dealing with artistic services or products

9. New age related projects (sharing economy, unique ideas)

10. Technological related training and education, tutorial videos etc.

11. Smart gardening content, gardening in general, urban/vertical farming

12. Pet Care content

13. New Ways of Learning, teaching & education related movies, shows, documentaries, films


[Solely content design & building, 50USD/hour, bulk rates available]


You will receive a summary of the Social Media Summary at the end of the promotion with screenshot of analytics*.


We will also feature your interview on social media sites such as:

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Pinterest

  • Instagram

    Ongoing promotion for artists and authors