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The Ultimate Lead Magnet Design Ideas Guide 2020

We have tackled in the previous post the SECRETS of creating lead magnets. Today, we are going to share with you the ULTIMATE lead magnet design ideas guide for 2019. First and foremost, our ideas' resource is focus on the useful and educational lead magnets which your target audience could instantly save time, save energy or money. Either way, they could learn something from you. Hence, you will be positioned as "authority in your field/industry". So let's hop in and find out what exactly are educational and what exactly are useful?

Educational lead magnets:

  • Virtual library Access (see CARe Network)

  • Gated blog content (It can be educational video training, educational audio training, short course lead magnet)

  • Tutorial

  • e-book

  • audio book

  • PDF version

  • Video transcript

  • Mind map

  • Report and infographic

  • Webinar

  • Prediction

  • SlideShare

  • The Ultimate Guide

  • Newsletter

  • Roundup

  • Recordings and replays

Useful lead magnets:

  • Recipes (see Deelish Recipes)

  • Cheat sheet

  • Checklist

  • Examples

  • Case study

  • Template file

  • Toolkit

  • Resource list

  • Calendar

  • Inspiration list

  • Idea generator

The Ultimate Lead Magnet Design Ideas Guide 2019
The Ultimate Lead Magnet Design Ideas Guide 2019

Case Study

The CARe Network for Recovery and Inclusion is an International network which serves professionals, service users and organization to promote the transition from institutional to community-based and recovery-based care. The CARe Network is active in the field of mental health care, social care and welfare services for persons with psychiatric, learning and physical disabilities. They connect practice, research and education.

Deelish Recipes is a free online resource about delicious yet healthy food, recipe videos, cooking, culinary, gastronomy, restaurant, chicken, mixed, delicious, dining, party food ideas. Many popular cuisines such as Chinese, Italian, French, Greek, European, American to International. As the founder loves Chocolates, you can find lots of useful tips about confectionary, healthy meal plan, vegan, pastries and bakery recipes. Crowdfunding projects that brings forth new tastes, new experiences and kitchen tools are featured here too.