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Author Tacardra Rountree

Tacardra Rountree is an author, public speaker, and educator.  Hello Queen is her second book and first children's picture book. It is illustrated by Audrey “Sala Adenike” Jeter- Allen.  Hello Queen is a poetic portrayal of what a Queen represents - beauty, intelligence, determination, and more. It is an affirmation and reminder that there is a Queen in each of us regardless of your age or profession. Through beautiful paintings and graphic illustrations, readers are able to learn about African culture. Young girls and women will be able to boldly say, I am a Queen!

Rountree seeks to encourage and inspire others with her heartfelt words. She is always excited to share her books with schools and libraries. Rountree enjoys traveling, liturgical dancing, and public speaking. 

Author Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TB-Rountree-640481756011399

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Hello-Queen-Tacardra-B-Rountree/dp/1095015540

Author Website: https://www.authortrountree.com/