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Nonprofit Content Inspiring Ideas

Working in nonprofit content design, we have helped our client's audience to connect the dots by providing them with examples of what their donation could mean for my client's cause. If you're running an NGO, what could $10 do for your beneficiaries? What could $100 do? What about a recurring gift of $25? Our task is to provide clear examples that will empower your readers to give.

For the CARe Network, CARe Members who contribute can benefit from the network through:

  • Developing small scale innovative projects

  • Organising inspiring meetings and events

  • Sharing knowledge and news

  • Offering training opportunities

  • Encouraging practice based research

  • Offering expert consultation

The Individual contributions are related to the IMF list of GDP per country, so from 10 EUR to 100 EUR. Organisational contributions are related to the budget of the organisation, so solidarity contribution can be from 100 EUR to 10,000 EUR.

This fee makes it possible for the continuation of their activities, for example starting a new International Train-the-trainers programme and offering sponsorships to mental health care professionals and service users. Besides networking opportunities, members also receive promo codes for online courses and Conference/Summit tickets price savings.