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Electronic Book Stores and FREE ebooks

Do you like to read? Research shows that regular reading:

  • improves brain connectivity.

  • increases your vocabulary and comprehension.

  • empowers you to empathize with other people.

  • aids in sleep readiness.

  • reduces stress.

  • lowers blood pressure and heart rate.

  • fights depression symptoms.

  • prevents cognitive decline as you age.

Today's post is dedicated to avid readers and new readers who are cultivating reading as a new hobby. This is a free resource to safe and legit electronic book search engines:

Free to download or read ebooks online

Big free online book centers, 100% legitimate.

With list of 7 Christian books you can get for free

Technical books and non-fiction.

Offers a free section.

Free fiction books, legit free ebooks

User-friendly and legitimate.

Offers free (and discounted books) from new authors. Each day they add dozens of new titles for you to enjoy.

If you would like to share a good ebook store, please contact us.