• Zannnie


Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I am super proud today. I've received another heartfelt user experience testimonial for my design services. I am also very grateful to meet Dan Franch https://danfranch.com and accepted this challenge on designing his online landing page! "You know you're working with someone special when they take your idea and advance it beyond what you could have ever imagined. That's someone with vision. Jodee Bugarszki-Lim is such a person. Working with her reshapes your understanding of what a website designer is and what she can do.

What took me close to a year to finish took Jodee less than a day. She  took my website from "mom-n-pop shop" to "World Class".

If you want to present your personal website or your company's website professionally, don't try to do it yourself or find a random professional. Partner with Jodee Bugarszki-Lim:

* efficient

* readily available

* clear communicator

* easy to work with

My website used to shuffle along; now it swaggers!"