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Community Building Lead Magnet Design

With the leading mental health non-profit organisation, The CARe Network for Recovery and Inclusion, we gain a lot of experiences in designing community building lead magnets.

Use case #01: Giveaway

CARe Network is an International network which serves professionals, service users and organization to promote the transition from institutional to community-based and recovery-based care.

In the end of May 2019, there was an International Summit event held in The Netherlands. We already have CARe Academy with a Facebook Group, which we used to giveaway summit tickets worth 600 EUROS.

As CARe Academy is using a Finnish e-Learning platform too, the forum are mainly used by the trainers or coaches. There are also quizzes, surveys, manifestos as well as quotes which are planned ahead. Our recent addition is the membership site where CARe Network Membership extends to CARe Ambassadors from 17 different countries worldwide stand to benefit from the network and their contributions.

Next post, look forward to more ideas and revelations on lead magnets design especially for useful lead magnets.


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