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Black Friday SALE for Top Authors, Children's book authors, Best Psychological Thriller fiction

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Statistics: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are historically two huge days in the eCommerce calendar (see stats above)

But this year 2020, with the uncertainty and difficulty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s understandable for small businesses to question how much stock (literally) to put into cyber week this year. 

Recent webinars with merchants, and the Head of Ads Research and Insights at Google confirms this.

73% of people are browsing more online 

2/3 merchants are planning to start cyber week earlier this year

9 Steps you can take to start preparing for this day too:

  1. Make sure your product stands out (Images and descriptions)

  2. Analyse past year sales data to see what went well

  3. Plan out 'Product Schedule' (product/sale price)

  4. Tune up product descriptions to instil urgency (give a certain window eg 'Limited time only', 'Sold out soon'

  5. Strategies: ''deal by the hour" campaign

  6. Customers' anticipation

  7. Sign post relevancy to shopper "Black Friday" in product descriptions

  8. Make Book Author Names (brands) prominent adds credibility to your store as well as improve organic rankings

  9. Run a keyword search 'Google Trends' and include in product descriptions

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