• Zannnie

Leveraging Pinterest in 2019

Pinterest remains one of the most effective so far, to share out and draw in engaging and relevant target audience to an online post. Pinterest is founded by Ben Silbermann in 2010, with $755+ million in revenues in 2018 with over 250 million MAUs (monthly active users).


Users saved over 175 billion pins, the most popular feature used to save ideas they find on the Pinterest platform.


80% of Pinterest users are women between 18-64 of age, becoming a prime place for advertisers targeting this demographic.


Now valued between $12B - $13B which is roughly a 16x multiple over its last 12 months revenues!

What Works

Normally, I would create multiple landing pages and use the best description I can with a few relevant hashtags. I prefer to pin and seriously pin manually (not using any bot) and I think creating personal niche boards is effective. Before I pin, I will also split test the images on my pin. So first and foremost, I need to "think like a pinner" and imagine myself (as the target audience) who is interested in the topic, the search words I would use. PIN, PIN, PIN! Keep it consistent, do it daily, and use Pinterest SEO. Some kind of high value affiliate programs works if you know how to use it. And if there is a budget, use promoted pins.