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Online Digitalmarketing Experts

UXSCOOPS Experts are excellent in the latest algorithm changes and have hands-on experience with various Facebook advertising strategies. They can assist with channel optimization, reducing trial and error with Facebook ads, improving ad spend results, scaling up quickly with high-converting ads, and mastering long-term success through Facebook funnel hacking and creating compelling ad copy.

TOP Experts:

​​​ISAAC RUDANSKY, CEO & Founder, AdVenture Media Isaac Rudansky, CEO of AdVenture Media Group, is a well-regarded authority in the fields of pay-per-click advertising, online traffic acquisition, and conversion rate optimization. As a teacher, he has a large following with over 91,000 students enrolled in his online courses, and his guide to Google AdWords has been viewed by over 850,000 students.

BOB "THE TEACHER" SPARKINS, Lead Evangelist at Leadpages

To optimize your Facebook advertising efforts and achieve success, it is crucial for small businesses to utilize a multi-stage audience targeting strategy that reaches the people most likely to engage with your ads. During this session, Bob Sparkins, Lead Evangelist at Leadpages, will teach you a proven multi-stage formula for running profitable ad campaigns without wasting your ad budget. He will reveal the top 5 audience targeting mistakes that entrepreneurs and small business owners often make, and provide effective alternatives. With this game plan, you will have the knowledge and tools to effectively target the right audiences, resulting in a significant increase in your return on ad spend (ROAS) immediately.

ANDREA VAHL, Author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies

​​Andrea shares the latest tactics for video advertising that are working best, including placement, targeting, and optimizations. You will also discover how to take advantage of retargeting and how video ads can improve your retargeting strategy. Additionally, you will learn how to create videos easily for your ads. Another important topic covered is the correct structuring of Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns during testing. There are two types of campaign structures: Campaign Budget Optimization or Ad Set Budget Optimization. Ad Set Budget Optimization is recommended during testing to give each audience a fair chance to perform.

PERRY MARSHALL, Author of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising

Perry Marshall reveals 5 key ways to improve the reach and effectiveness of Facebook advertising campaigns by leveraging fundamental marketing principles. He will discuss strategies, tools, and reports to extend the lifetime of campaigns and optimize budget and performance.

VIRGINIA NUSSEY, VP Marketing at MobileMonkey

​VP Marketing at MobileMonkey | The World's Best Sales Outreach Automation Platform for Marketing & Sales Teams at SMB and Mid-Market.

JOEL BONDOROWSKY, PPC Professor at SEMrush Academy

Joel Bondorowsky is a PPC expert, starting in 2000 and becoming heavily involved in 2010 while working at He now runs his own agency, Quality Score, and is a PPC Professor at SEMrush Academy, active in speaking events and managing PPC campaigns. He checks his stats before bed and after waking up, fueled by his love for the job.

SUSAN WENOGRAD, VP of Marketing Strategy at Aimclear

Facebook Ads can be challenging to use effectively. With increasing competition, it's becoming more difficult to achieve high ROAS. Measuring ROAS alone may not be enough. Learn how to create sustainable ecommerce Facebook Ad strategies for short-term and long-term success in your media spend.

GORDON DONNELLY, Director of Web Strategy, Triple Whales

Built digital acquisition, analytics, and marketing ops systems from scratch. 400% SQL growth in the first year, 200% domestic revenue growth.

Catherine Howell, Founder, Eight Loop Social

Cat has been featured in the likes of Entrepreneur, Business Rockstars, and Inc Magazine. Her team collectively manage over $250K in FB ad spend per month - working with clients across the globe and she was a special guest speaker at the 2016 Social Media Conference.

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