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Top Social Media May Content Planning Ideas

Are you on the look out for great ideas for month of May to promote your company or services? We have the first day beginning with Labor Day! Labor Day is also the International Workers Day, and it celebrates the working classes and labourers, many also called it 'May Day'.

This day is a national public holiday worldwide and then on the 2nd of May being the Birthday of Catherine the Great!

For the film and creative industries, on the 4th May is 'Star Wars Day'! So if you are targeting Star Wars fanatics or movie buffs, it's time to suggest to them your products or services by running relevant Star Wars promotion. It is ideal for filmmakers, indie screenwriters, storytellers, authors, illustrators, animators, cartoonists, toys makers and anyone in the creative fields.

If you are a creative professional, this day is good choice to launch an interview campaign that is about featuring your creativity and talents in the industry! >CLICK<

Recipes Developers, Food, Mom bloggers or vloggers

Foodies or food diet blogger out there, coincide your campaign or promotions around the International No Diet Day. This year, No Diet day is on the 6th May. Also the Spanish community celebrates Cinco de Mayo on the 5th May.

15th May is also a good choice for it is the National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. You can showcase your best chocolate chip cookie recipes or writing about Chocolate Chip or about cookies. World baking day happens on the 19th of May.

National Hamburger Day and National Wine Day is happening on the 25th and 28th respectively. Relevant and related content that are useful new knowledge to draw in more followers and fans! Feel free to email us if you need any personal branding, for Recipes Developers, Chefs, self-publisher/author's social media channels and content management. Or, you can even contact us about interviewing you related to featuring your apps, products on our Technology or food recipes relevant websites.

TIP: Days in BOLD are great for food & beverage, food bloggers, chefs, recipe developers

May Content Planning Ideas

1 Tuesday Labor Day, May Day

2 Birthday of Catherine the Great and Bianca Jagger

3 Birthday of Niccolo Machiavelli and Sugar Ray Robinson

4 Star Wars Day

5 Cinco de Mayo

6 International No Diet Day, birthday of Orson Welles and George Clooney

7 Birthday of Johannes Brahms. Kentucky Derby



10 Birthday of Fred Astaire

11 Jay Forrester patents computer core memory in 1951

12 Limerick Day

This is the Birthday of English artist, illustrator, author and poet Edward Lear (May 12, 1812 – Jan. 29, 1888). Lear is known mostly for his literary nonsense in poetry, prose and limericks

13 Sunday National Apple Pie Day, Mother's Day

14 Birthday of Cate Blanchett and Richard Avedon, first US space station Skylab launched in 1973.

15 National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

16 Charles Hires invents root beer in 1866

17 Birthday of Dennis Hopper and Sugar Ray Leonard

18 Birthday of Tina Fey. Museum Day.

19 World Baking Day

20 Endangered Species Day


22 Birthday of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


24 Birthday of Bob Dylan and Queen Victoria.

Tiara Day

25 National Wine Day



28 National Hamburger Day

29 Memorial Day


31 World Tobacco Day

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