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March Content Planning Ideas

You will find some very interesting dates this month for content ideas here, starting from Tuesday on the 6th of March is Birthday of Michelangelo and Shaquille! If you're an food blogger, you will find working with your campaign promotions around some of these dates such as National Cereal Day or writing cereal related health and wellness content to be useful to draw in more followers and fans!

For example, running a promotion on International Women's Day which will happen on the 8th March for any tribute or celebration of women is a great way to bring attention to your products or services for women or mothers. In addition, this day called 'National Pack Your Lunch Day' on the 10th will bring all the like-minded creative people and features of lunch recipe ideas together.

Feel free to email us if you need any personal branding, for Recipes Developers, Chefs, self-publisher/author's social media channels or content crafting/design services. Or, you can even contact us about interviewing you related to featuring your apps, products on our Technology or food recipes relevant websites.

TIP: Days in BOLD are great for food & beverage, food bloggers, chefs, recipe developers

March Content Planning Ideas


2 Texas declares independence from Mexico in 1872,

Birthday of Dr. Seuss

3 World Wildlife Day

4 Academy Awards

5 Absinthe Day

6 Birthday of Michelangelo and Shaquille O'Neal

7 National Cereal Day

8 International Women's Day

9 Barbie Day

10 National Pack Your Lunch Day,

Birthday of Chuck Norris. SXSW begins.



13 Jewel Day

14 National Potato Chip Day, Pi Day,

Birthday of Albert Einstein. March madness starts.



17 St. Patrick's Day

Rubber band is invented in 1845. Birthday of Alexander McQueen.


19 Birthday of David Livingstone and Ursula Andress.

20 Spring Equinox; First Day of Spring; Vernal Equinox

21 National French Bread Day

22 Birthday of William Shatner (Actor)

23 Puppy Day, National Chip and Dip Day

24 Birthday of Harry Houdini and Peyton Manning

25 Daylight Savings Time starts,

Birthday of Aretha Franklin and Sarah Jessica Parker




29 Coca-Cola is invented in 1886

30 Good Friday

Jeopardy debuts on TV in 1964, birthday of Vincent Van Gogh

31 The Eiffel Tower opens in Paris in 1889

Birthday of Christopher Walken and Rene Descartes.

Crayola Crayon Day.

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