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April Content Planning Ideas

You will find some very interesting dates this month for content ideas here, starting with Sunday the first of April, the Easter Sunday. On the 2nd of April is International Children's Book Day!

On the 7th April is 'No Housework Day', so if you are targeting homemakers, it's time to suggest to them those services or tools that can help to give themselves a break! It is also the World Health Day on this day. Following that on the 10th is the National Siblings Day. Foodies or food blogger out there, coincide your campaign or promotions around the 12th April will be great. It is the Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. You can showcase your recipes or writing about Grilled Cheese or related content to be useful to draw in more followers and fans!

Feel free to email us if you need any personal branding, for Recipes Developers, Chefs, self-publisher/author's social media channels and content management. Or, you can even contact us about interviewing you related to featuring your apps, products on our Technology or food recipes relevant websites.

TIP: Days in BOLD are great for food & beverage, food bloggers, chefs, recipe developers

April Content Planning Ideas

1 Easter Sunday. April Fool's Day

2 World Autism Awareness Day.

International Children's Book Day, Tweed Day, birthday of Marvin Gaye

3 Birthday of Washington Irving and Marlon Brando. Masters golf tournament begins

4 Birthday of Arthur Murray and Muddy Waters

5 Go For Broke Day

6 Explorers Matthew A. Henson and Robert E. Perry are the first to reach the North Pole in 1909.

7 World Health Day. No Housework Day, birthday of Billie Holiday.

Start of Masters golf tournament in Augusta.


9 Winston Churchill Day

10 National Siblings Day


12 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

13 Coachella Music Festival Begins. Birthday of Thomas Jefferson, Scrabble Day


15 Tax Day and National That Sucks Day.

16 Birthday of Charlie Chaplin and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

17 Boston Marathon

18 Birthday of Conan O' Brien


20 Look Alike Day

21 Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II

22 Earth Day

23 Talk Like Shakespeare Day, birthday of Roy Orbison



26 Richter Scale Day

27 Administrative Professionals Day

28 Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day,

International Astronomy Day, Arbor Day

National Superhero Day


30 National Honesty Day, Hairstyle Appreciation Day

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