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Pinterest Hashtags Are In Blue

We have a very successful Pinterest Pin that gets saved. We are proud to say that even at this point of sharing this 'guide', our pin is still being saved on Pinterest. To date, it has reached more than five thousands boards. The total engagements is 11.6K.

Usually, we use the Pinterest for Business because it helps greatly to increase awareness and brings additional blog traffic. We also get new leads and thus increased sales. This pin has more than 147 thousands appearance.

One important tip to increase repin rate by up to 80% is to add a clear 'Call to action' in the design of your pin. Our pin is created based on original content. One secret is the clever use of RED. (We've used a red shiny button for its title). The Saturation is at 50%. There is a multiple of colors use: skin color (so light beige) and orange of the pumpkin. We did not use much rough texture. The thing is, smooth texture works better in a pin. A Rich Pin is very useful too. Rich Pins show metadata right on the Pin itself, giving Pinners a richer experience and increasing engagement.

It is also recommended that you do not use link shorteners for your pins. And for the design, it is best to keep to Aspect ratio: vertical images only. This will generate a repin rate +60%. Pins with no faces: +23% more repins. Also, less than 10% background, and the price tags on your pins increase repin rate by 36%

When you are ready to pin it, be sure to know know when your target audience is online. Timing is the essence!

One other important task is to describe your pin in 200-300 characters. So that works around 57 words, or up to 75 words. The final touch is using relevant hashtags and pin it to group boards.

Did you know: The maximum number of hashtags to be used in a Pinterest Pin is 20, and do use relevant hashtags as much as possible. Only 4 will be shown on the search. It looks something like this.

​Please feel free to pin this tip on your Pinterest board and see some of the other great engagement ideas with your content today! Our Pinterest is @uxscoops

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