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How to Craft the Top Social Media Post: Best Guide to Get You Started

280 characters Since November 2017, Twitter has expands its character count from 140 to 280. This change is quite useful.

How often should you tweet?

A good number from 1-5 per day is actually good for engagement.

Duplicative or Similar Content Banned Be it that they are relies, mentions or even content, one of the recent rule is not to mention over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account, or duplicate similar accounts.

What are bad tweeting habits?

Substantially similar content, aggressively engaging with tweets or retweets to drive attention to initiatives. Bulk activity. Artificially amplify or inflate the prominence of certain tweets.

Planning & Schedule of tweets

Use a manual Social Media Calendar. The use of any form of automation to post identical content is not permitted.

Interesting Content Engaging your target audience with interesting tweets. Send a tweet that adds value.

2018 Focus Strengthening the "health of conversation" - Jack Dorsey

Social Reach Metrics example from Twitter Analytics such as 'Reach' and 'Engagement' are some of the good reflection of a quality Social Media account.

Craft and Design of your Social Media contentShow your target audience with a campaign the benefits and value of your company/product/services. Send out your social media post at the RIGHT time.

Consider your sector For example if you are an author, your readers or target audience will probably be on social media after dinner, during commuting and be on social media.

how to craft the top post

Quality Image Always use a good quality, eye catching image with your text

Hashtag Add two good hashtags.

Knowing which hashtags to reach your target audience is important art too. Provide a clear Call-to-Action like the word 'click'. Here is a tutorial to help you get started on crafting an effective social media content. What we want to do here is to get your target audience to share your post: Follow the step by step instructions to get the key points of crafting the top social media content

The Power of the Hashtag

BONUS exercise: For authors/novelists: Craft a social media content about your new book launch.

*NATIVE image types example:

Additional tips:

What you might want to avoid doing on your business social media account is using your posts to idle chit-chat about daily activities. Then on your social media post, always use 'engaging' words to encourage sharing. Finally, we always encourage you to use #Hashtags for your posts to be found!

We wrote in a previous post about hashtags, if you're interested, click on to read it: hashtags

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