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How to PIN Effectively for Business

Pinterest is a platform for sharing and saving ideas/content virtually. Just like a pin board, but now you can pin it on a mobile app or on the website. More than 100 million active users are female and this makes up about 71% of its user demographic.

Today we share 5 tips with you about how to pin effectively for Business.

Graphics are a great way for visual users to get the idea about your products and services. Use online content creation tools to tell better stories and translate boring data into beautiful visual content right in your browser. Share or download using an all in one easy-to-use editor.

Text should be helpful contents that describes your pin. It should be readable, clear and crisp. Colour choices should be tasteful and fonts should match the image you want to portray. Consistency is the key to have a professional looking pin.

Brands can be build via Pinterest. Add your logo or logotype at the end of your pin. Feel free to have it big. Provide as much visual cues to extend your service benefits to your target audience. For example if you're an educational tech developer and your App is for learners, you can reach them via their teachers, their mother, their parents, their educators and via schools.

Your boards should be named with keywords that these target audience will most likely enter into the search within Pinterest. Be social and follow the relevant people who are users or decision makers to purchase your product/services. Images should appeal to them and it will soon be possible to visually search for similar colours, patterns and objects.

Finally, a call to action whether you want them to share your content, or order or find out more information on your landing page or website.

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