Newsletter Design

  • UI/UX Design

  • A/B Testing

  • Digital Newsletter Design

UX: To share and connect with members of the network and community, increase website traffic, drive sales of tickets for workshops/summits and conferences, increase memberships, grow digital community and manage reputation.

Content Craft & Design: Customised content and branding design using visual impression and ID grid. Strategic content related to the field to drive membership  

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Event Campaign Design

  • UI/UX : Ethnographic Field Studies

Objective: Persona study to learn about buyers' behaviour by visiting real users and participants in their own environment.

Events Social Media Campaign : Speakers and workshop leaders are promoted via a series of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook posts.

Strategic Blog Content : Customised blog posts are created using visual impression and thematic colors.

Strategic content using workshop bookings latest status to drive ticket sales  

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e-Book Store Design

UI/UX Design: Embracing 'Green' sustainability by delivering reading materials and resources such as ebooks and mental health profession articles in PDF format can be easily disseminated via social media and shared digitally.


Nonprofit organisations and members can now leverage on this new ebook store design of CARe Network because their members can use it as a resource full of new research publications, from Ph.D to Masters theses, articles on the latest recovery colleges

implementations and analyses.

Branding: Better the NGO's positioning by CARe Members' access to high quality recovery oriented content. To share with mental health care practitioners and mental health care service users, a one-stop site with useful practice-based knowledge on top of evidence-based findings.

Download Links : Clear links for everyone, ease of navigation. 




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