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Instagram Carousel Posts

  • Custom Content Strategy

  • High-Quality Visual Assets

  • Engaging Copywriting

  • Hashtag and Tagging Strategy

  • Performance Analytics and Reporting

Sales-driven: Ensures captivating visuals, engaging storytelling, and compelling calls-to-action to boost your sales performance. Create high-quality carousel posts tailored to your audience and marketing objectives, backed by data-driven strategies to maximize reach.

Content Optimization & Result-oriented: Optimize your content, enhance brand engagement, and drive measurable sales results.  

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Sustainable Fashion Eco Branding Blog

  • e-Commerce

  • UX Design

  • Product Design

  • A/B Testing Content Marketing

  • Pricing & Market Research

UX: Create compelling and consistent brand experiences, implement effective e-commerce strategies that drive sales and user engagement.

Focus on crafting seamless and intuitive user journeys, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Utilizing A/B testing and market research, help businesses make informed decisions and optimize pricing strategies to outperform their competitors. Accelerate business's success in the digital landscape.

Content Craft & Design: Customised content and branding design using visual impression and ID grid. Strategic content related to the Sustainable Fashion to drive sales and build an engaged community  

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Newsletter Design

  • UI/UX Design

  • A/B Testing

  • Digital Newsletter Design

UX: To share and connect with members of the network and community, increase website traffic, drive sales of tickets for workshops/summits and conferences, increase memberships, grow digital community and manage reputation.

Content Craft & Design: Customised content and branding design using visual impression and ID grid. Strategic content related to the field to drive membership  


Ethnographic Field Studies

  1. Rich, nuanced data: Ethnographic field studies capture the complexities of human behavior and cultural practices, providing a deeper understanding of the underlying motivations, beliefs, and social structures shaping a community.

  2. Contextual understanding: By immersing themselves in a community, researchers gain first-hand experience of the cultural context, allowing them to accurately interpret the meanings and significance of observed behaviors and artifacts.

  3. Enhanced empathy and cultural awareness: Engaging in ethnographic field studies fosters empathy and cultural sensitivity, helping researchers appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of different communities, ultimately leading to more informed and inclusive policies or interventions.  

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e-Book Store Design

UI/UX Design: Our e-book store design prioritizes 'green' sustainability and a low carbon footprint by providing easily accessible reading materials and resources, such as e-books and mental health professional articles in PDF format. These resources can be effortlessly shared via social media and digital platforms.

Nonprofit organizations and members can now benefit from CARe Network's e-book store design, which serves as a comprehensive resource hub featuring the latest research publications, from Ph.D. to Master's theses, and articles on recent recovery college implementations and analyses.


Branding: Strengthening the NGO's positioning by offering CARe Members access to high-quality, recovery-oriented content. The platform serves as a one-stop site for mental health care practitioners and service users, providing useful practice-based knowledge alongside evidence-based findings.


Download Links: With user-friendly, clear download links, our e-book store design ensures easy navigation and accessibility for all users, creating a seamless experience for the mental health care community. 

CARe Icons UI.png

Content Iconography

UI/UX Design: Our online coaching programs and trainings prioritize 'green' sustainability and a low carbon footprint, promoting eco-friendly learning experiences.

Nonprofit organizations and members can now utilize the innovative "CARe Academy" platform to broaden the reach of the CARe Approach, leveraging cutting-edge delivery methods.

CARe Methodology practitioners and members can use the platform as a powerful communication tool, accessing a comprehensive online resource library filled with the latest research publications, including Ph.D. and Master's theses, as well as articles on recent recovery college implementations and analyses. This provides access to high-quality, recovery-oriented content for all users.

CARe Academy serves as a one-stop site, offering mental health care practitioners and service users valuable practice-based knowledge alongside evidence-based findings.

Social Media Channels: With intuitive icons and seamless navigation, our platform ensures an accessible and user-friendly experience for all users, fostering effective communication and engagement in the mental health care community.

  1. Improved readability and scanability: Icons break up large blocks of text, making content easier to read, scan, and digest, which can increase user engagement and retention.

  2. Enhanced visual appeal: Well-designed icons can add aesthetic value to content, making it more visually appealing and professional, which can create a positive impression and enhance brand perception.

  3. Cross-cultural and language-agnostic communication: Since icons can convey meaning without the need for words, they can be understood by people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds, promoting effective communication and accessibility. 

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