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Color on your social media content
Color on social media posts
Call to Action - Strategic Colors

Colors are not difficult to grasp, just as everyone should have the basic idea of what are tints, hues, saturation, shades, types of colour schemes (like triad, monochromatic, compound, etc.), and tones, to name a few. To illustrate, the above tweet was inspired


To illustrate, the above tweet was inspired from the color palette on the right. It could definitely look a lot different depending on the look and feel you would like to extend with your brand, we can help you create your tweets and social media content with a consistent chosen color scheme to help you communicate more effectively. 


color on social media content

1. Tints

2. Hues

3. Saturation

4. Shades

5. Triad

6. Monochromatic

7. Compound

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